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All BKHosting web hosting plans include SSL Certificates for free. These are assigned automatically to your new and existing domains as soon as you become a BKHosting customer.


Why are SSL Certificates required?


SSL is technology that enables a secure connection between browsers and servers through HTTPS ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).

Benefits include:

  • Ensure your website traffic is secure
  • Provide trust to your website visitors
  • Secure mail, FTP, cPanel
  • Many browsers will flag a website as not secure unless a valid SSL certificate is detected. By having one HTTPS displays in the browser on your web address.
  • Helps secure your website overall
  • Increases your Google Rankings


At BKHosting you can chose between multiple types of SSL Certificates depending on your requirements. The free version included in all web hosting plans provides industry-standard encryption and is recognized by major browsers and devices. For additional features, see all our available SSL Certificates.


If you have any questions, or need help contact us anytime.

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